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Environmental CAD

2-D and 3-D Environmental CAD Drafting Services

Environmental CAD Drafting


  • Convert existing drawings to editable CAD files
  • create:
    • Civil/Environmental site plans
    • tax maps
    • plan of surveys from field engineer’s measurements, rough sketches, and existing site plans
  • draft Civil / Environmental drawings showing areas of excavations and soil sample locations
  • create Data charts and tables
  • draft proposed housing / building locations, land disturbances, and drainage plans
  • create Architectural documents for commercial, residential and construction projects.
  • structural Details
  • government contracts
  • prepare final drawing packages to comply with local and state municipalities for:
    • soil testing
    • groundwater sampling
    • groundwater monitoring well installation
    • phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
Environmental CAD Drafting

Environmental CAD Drafting